Past Work

PROJECT-Integrated Research Application System

IRAS is the Human Research Authority (HRA) online application system, the National Research Ethics Service also forms part of the HRA through which applications for Human Research Tissue Banking and research projects in the NHS are processed.

  • Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) - establishing an in-house tissue bank
  • Managed staff tissue donations in a legal and regulatory compliant manner
  • On-site tissue collection into their own tissue bank
  • On-site compliance audits of research laboratories
  • NRES applications for individual projects
  • Preparation of consent forms, patient information leaflets

PROJECT-Quality Management of basic scientific research

Accurate and consistent record keeping are the basic principles of scientific research. Increasingly researchers may be required to provide evidence of primary data for publications or drug trials. Planning for neuroscience research project:

  • Standard Operating Procedures across methods & equipment
  • Validation of SOP in scientific practice
  • Change documentation and tracking
  • Data management, compiling results for publication

PROJECT- Human Tissue Authority, Designated Individual

As the DI in an Academic Setting the responsibility for an Institutes HTA Licence resides with the DI which includes:

  • On-site annual compliance audits with a continuous improvement agenda
  • Biennial Compliance Audits returned to the HTA
  • Recruiting Designated Persons for separate areas of scientific research
  • Resources to support DP's & researchers using human tissue
  • Delivering training in the Legal & Regulatory requirements
  • Delivering written judgements for specific issues
  • Maintaining a good working relationship with the HTA
  • GCP trained in consent

PROJECT- Therapeutic Allogeneic Tissue Bank

Transfer of the Sheffield Skin Bank from Sheffield University, Department of Medicine to the Blood Service at the Northern General Hospital.

  • Facilities set-up
  • Managing the day-to-day running, recruitment & staff training
  • Protocols set-up in the NBS ORCID QM system
  • Contributing to the NBS 'Red Book' for tissue retrieval & processing
  • Liaising with Transplant Coordinators in the selection of donors
  • Cadaveric retrievals in mortuary setting
  • Processing tissue & managing the donor health screening
  • Liaising with Clinicians accessing tissue

PROJECTS - International Atomic Energy Authority

Representing the IAEA on-site in Chile, Brazil and Costa Rica to assess the project development progress for therapeutic tissue banking

  • Advising on facilities set-up
  • Liaising with clinicians and scientists in the host country
  • Hosting visiting clinicians in the UK
  • Reporting back to the IAEA, advising them on the progress of the project

PROJECT - Autologous skin culture and allogeneic skin banking for burn patients and non-healing wounds

  • Obtaining the split-thickness skin graft for culture, processing to obtain keratinocyte and fibroblast cultures
  • Expansion of cell cultures to provide keratinocyte sheet within a three-week period
  • Provision of allogeneic grafts, meshing and application at dressing change
  • Supervising the application of grafts and construction of body map to track healing
  • Construction of skin composites for non-healing wounds and research
  • Laiasing with Clinical Fellow on research and patient progress